Monthly Archives: August 2013

A bloggers dream

Have you heard of Harper and Harley? ….well if you are a girl and interested in fashion you may have seen it! This blog is a real inspiration to all the bloggers out there who want to make it to the big time… check it out; I was recently introduced to this blog and […]

The flip side of E-Marketing

This blog was meant to talk about the positives of e-marketing and how companies can utilise social media to help promote their brand and products. It was going to discuss Special K and their recent ‘ post office’ campaign, which I thought was a clever way to not only to get their consumers to trial […]

How geeky are you?

The word ‘Geek’ in our electronic marketing class holds positive connotations and was defined in terms of how many social media platforms you used. I will admit I am far from a geek in this sense as I only use 3, well now 4, but there were a small number of students who could truly […]