Monthly Archives: September 2013

Falls Festivals value add

Falls festival is a brand that definitely utilises the power of Social Media to market their events, taking advantage of consumer feedback and instant communication. They use a wide range of platforms from Facebook to I-phone apps all adding value mainly by connecting the consumer with the brand allowing for interact and making the consumer […]

Thank- you Social Media

The thank-you epidemic used a very unique digital marketing campaign, not only aimed to advertise to consumer, but also asked for consumer help in order to get their brand’s products stocked in the 2 supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths. I know a lot of you are thinking, what is the thank-you brand? But if you […]

Carlton Football Club, a brand?

I love my footy, especially the Blue boys and over the last few weeks I have noticed even AFL clubs are using social media to not only market the team and the player but also their sponsors. Being an avid Carlton support I am guilty of following ‘ Carlton FB’ on Facebook, instagram and twitter, […]

Social media is now a full time job!

Just a quick post, pondering the rise and use of social media to market brands and products. On Wednesday night I attended the Monash Minds- Lets get digital! The night was filled with speakers from various companies big and small, all discussing the same topic ‘ the rise and use of e-marketing’! Although I obviously […]