Thank- you Social Media

The thank-you epidemic used a very unique digital marketing campaign, not only aimed to advertise to consumer, but also asked for consumer help in order to get their brand’s products stocked in the 2 supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.

I know a lot of you are thinking, what is the thank-you brand? But if you think hard and rack your brain you will probably remembers seeing their water bottles around. The Thank-you social enterprise also produces muesli bars, cereal and a range of body care products with every thank-you product sold helping to raise funds for projects in developing countries able to provide the necessities such as food, water and hygiene training to people in need.

01c66b7a-ee75-11e2-af3b-ca809d59313c_750544921--646x363 Retrieved from google images

While the Thank-you products were stocked at convince stores around the country, they faced one major issue of not having enough reach and shelf space with Coles and Woolworths not stocking their brand. This was a major concern as together Coles and Woolworths accounted for more than 70% of grocery bottled water sales in Australia.  To over come this issue, like a lot of companies today, they turned to social media for the answer creating the ‘ Coles and Woolworths campaign’.

campaign-logo-smallretrieved from google images

The campaign ran for around 2 weeks, consisting of a simple, yet effective strategy, in which Thank-you asked their social media followers to post comments, tweet and upload videos to the Coles and Woolworths Facebook and twitter page demonstrating the consumer demand for their products. It was successful with Coles and Woolworths now stocking their range of products, thanks to their loyal consumer.  The CEO of Thank-you had no doubt of the success of this campaign saying ‘We think that if Coles and Woolworths knew Australians were prepared to buy our range, the two biggest retailers would love to stock Thank you. The key is showing them that the demand is there,”

thankretrieved from google images

This creative campaign is able to exemplify the value of consumer feedback and 2-way communication, letting consumer have a say. Consumer are powerful, especially when they are not satisfied shown by their engagement in the Thank-you campaign, while also exploring the impact and important use of social media in marketing today due to its ability to link consumers and brands.

I think this is a smart and cost saving way to penetrate the supermarket giant’s, while also utilising the current trend of social media. This is one the of most interesting examples of digitalmarketing i have come across so far, getting the consumer involved, simple yet effective.

What are your thoughts? Like it? Could this be a new way of advertising, asking consumer to do the work? Or even a way to penetrate and get products stocked by huge distributors?

MJ xx







  1. Wow, what a great pull strategy – getting demand from consumers to drive the distribution. The power that Coles and Woolworths have over FMCG products getting ranged is scary. This is such a great way to influence them from a consumer perspective 🙂

    1. I know, very clever and cost saving strategy i thought! I think with more brands popping up here and there we may see a lot more of this type of marketing, allowing the consumers to have a say and get involved.

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