Falls Festivals value add

Falls festival is a brand that definitely utilises the power of Social Media to market their events, taking advantage of consumer feedback and instant communication. They use a wide range of platforms from Facebook to I-phone apps all adding value mainly by connecting the consumer with the brand allowing for interact and making the consumer feel apart of ‘Falls’. Fall’s use of social media is very effective due to it target audience being apart of the tech savvy generation who are most active and enjoy social media. This short video is a demonstration of how Falls uses their different Social Media platforms to allow 2-way communication between the parties ultimately adding value to the Falls Festival brand;

The video was created by 2 Uni students studying electronic marketing and the impact and value  it can have on both the consumer and the brand. They used their own experiences at the festival and their exposure to Fall’s various social media marketing platforms to inform the video and also used their very own photos.

Hope you enjoy, Let us know your thoughts!

MJ xx



  1. Bronte Joseph · · Reply

    Lovin the video;) Great post!

  2. That app is a great idea, definitely a value-add and so helpful for someone like me who would definitely get lost at some point 🙂

    1. I attended last year and defiantly downloaded it, such a great idea, complementing and adding to the service and product they provide.

  3. melaniesarian · · Reply

    Great video and post! Very interesting social media uses

    1. Thanks, they were a very interesting brand to research and defiantly use social media in a clever way able to connect them with their target demographic

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing how Falls interacts with their online community! Any event that requires bringing your own tent sounds like a cool event to attend 😉

    1. I can say from experience it is defiantly a cool and unique event, much like their use of social media

  5. Great video! thanks for sharing how falls adds value! I love watching the previous year videos, they are a great way to get their consumers excited 🙂

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