Monthly Archives: October 2013

Geekiness increased!

With the semester drawing to a close I thought I should reflect on my blogging experience so far…. Id firstly like to say although this assignment is nearly over my blogging is defiantly not, you can all relax now! Electronic marketing with Wags and Krystal has been a real eye opener into the big wide […]

Social media good or evil?

Social media was meant for good, not evil….. but like everything people just can’t help themselves, especially celebrities. Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms, and although I am not a huge  user, it is popular amongst Celebrities with nearly every big name these days having an account. Twitter allows these celebrities not […]

Online First

This is just a quick post as I heard of an exciting first I wanted to share with all my fellow bloggers and the online community! YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites allowing consumers and brands to share and view videos online. Youtube has recently annouced some exciting news……they are going […]

You are now a new’s reporter

Recently I have noticed that even News programs such as ‘ Ten Eyewitness News’ have jump on board the digital marketing bandwagon, especially in the social media department. They often promote their Facebook and twitter account’s after stories and at the end of the program and I have even noticed they display the reporter’s individual […]

Virgin and the AFL

The Virgin Australia Film Festival has embraced the use of digital marketing, advertising and the power of Youtube, inviting AFL clubs to create a short film based on the theme ‘extra mile’, which is then featured on the Virgin site, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Due to Virgin being the official partner of the AFL, […]