You are now a new’s reporter

Recently I have noticed that even News programs such as ‘ Ten Eyewitness News’ have jump on board the digital marketing bandwagon, especially in the social media department. They often promote their Facebook and twitter account’s after stories and at the end of the program and I have even noticed they display the reporter’s individual twitter account name in their online byline. Recently they expanded their digital presence by releasing a new ‘ Ten Eyewitness News’ application for the iPhone, which can be purchased through ITunes.


This app is quite creative allowing consumers to get involved and even report their own news by capturing and uploading videos and photos to the website. Not only will these videos be able to be seen on the channel Ten website, but some will also appear in the news bulletins. This app also allows consumers to live stream the News bulletin from their phones making it easy to watch the news wherever they are.

This unique idea of the app allows  viewers to become apart of the news, giving them the opportunity to engage with the channel Ten brand and view news like never before. Anthony Flannery, head of News and Current affairs, commented on the app stating ‘ The new Ten eyewitness news app reflects the way viewers want to consumer news, from wherever they are and at any time across the day’. I think this is just the next logical step, allowing brands to be able to further engage with consumers getting them involved and interested in their brand. I like the idea, it has defiantly expanded the news franchise from traditional media types such as TV and newspapers to online and digital able to reflect the changes in consumers use of technology.

What are your thoughts? Would you want to record and upload videos of your own news? Do you think it will be successful?

MJ xx






  1. It is how tech works nowadays, you can work together with the public and it may increase attraction to the public since they don’t need to pay for post or tell what anything happen. this is interesting post anyway 🙂

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    Thanks 😀

  2. This is a really good way of involving the community in the news and for some it may even add more appeal to watching the news. I think I’d probably record something and upload it but only if it was awesomely crazy and newsworthy!!! Would you upload any videos?

    1. Yeah i agree, only if it was something i thought was news worthy or interesting as i can imagine people would upload some ridiculous things!

  3. Hi Maddy! It really is interesting how Channel Ten connects with the community. I personally believe its another method to get great scoops or stories to cover in the news 😛

  4. I think this is a great concept that will allow people to get more involved with the news. People will be able to see the news that is of interest to them and maybe be apart of it themselves. Also great for the news because they will be able to get footage they may not be able to otherwise. A great win-win and great post!

    1. So true, allows consumers to look at news at interest them, while also posting and recording their own. Everything these days is about getting people and consumers involved… this is just one example in one service category, im sure there is many more ideas like this out there!

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