Online First

This is just a quick post as I heard of an exciting first I wanted to share with all my fellow bloggers and the online community!

YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites allowing consumers and brands to share and view videos online. Youtube has recently annouced some exciting news……they are going to take this social platform to the next level by holding the first ever ‘ Youtube Music awards’. The actual event will be held in New York on November 3rd and is honouring the artists and songs that have turned into YouTube hits over the past year, while also being available for lived-streaming on YouTube to countries around the world.  The awards will not only feature Youtube sensations, but also include performance’s from Lady Gaga and  Eminem who im sure will attract a lot of publicity and awareness for the event. 

This concept not only involves consumers by allowing them to live-steam and watch the music awards, but also calls on the online community to vote to determine the songs and artists that will be honoured through sharing the nominees across social media platforms.

This is an exciting concept that I think will attract a large amount of social media sharing and interaction within the online community. I also think it was a clever idea to not only promote the use of YouTube but also to help market and give recognition to some of the unsung stars of this platform. I will be very interested to see the results, such as whether youtube usage will increase and also the effect it will have on these Youtube sensations.

What are your thoughts? Will be it a success?

MJ xx

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