Geekiness increased!

With the semester drawing to a close I thought I should reflect on my blogging experience so far…. Id firstly like to say although this assignment is nearly over my blogging is defiantly not, you can all relax now! Electronic marketing with Wags and Krystal has been a real eye opener into the big wide online world. Who knew there were so many ways to advertise digitally?

Through this blog I have been able to explore how different companies and brands take on various digital marketing tactics, while also looking at the impact and affect digital campaigns have on consumers and the brands both positively and negatively. It has defiantly sparked my interest in the online world and has shown me how important and critical it can be for companies to move from traditional mediums to online able to evolve with consumers and technologies.

Digital marketing has not only made it easier for brands to communicate with consumers but also visa versa allowing for 2 way communication and discussion, which was previously not possible through things such as TV advertising. While there are countless other benefits for all parties involved in digital marketing I am struggling to think of many limiting factors….. makes me wonder why so many companies are yet to jump on board the digital marketing bandwagon?

My favourite marketing tool that I have discussed and research has defiantly been Social Media…. I mean what is  not to love? Gives me an excuse to jump on Facebook and do research….. But seriously Social Media is able to provide companies with endless benefits, but at a fraction of the cost of a TV advertisement, while also having a greater reach and frequency able to connect with consumers all over the world. All i have to say is thank god for the development of Web 2.0 and all that has come with it!

In my first blog post I discussed what Geek’s were in our Electronic marketing class’s context and I am proud to say my geekiness has defiantly increased (If you are unsure take a look back at my ‘ How Geeky are you Post?’)…. Since the beginning of semester then not only have I taken to blogging, I have also developed a keen interest in Pintrest, which may or may not have been a good thing for my studies.

What is your favourite social media platforms and sites? Any I should try?

Just remember fellow boggers, this isn’t goodbye, its ill see you soon……. After exams have finished with some fresh new ideas and inspiration.

MJ xx


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